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 Newbie Starter Guid

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PostSubject: Newbie Starter Guid   Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:01 pm

I noticed alot of you keep asking where to hunt. Best method i found so far was to hunt the redname monsters for my char level. So if im a warrior level 68 and Blade Ghosts are red for me, then i grab pots and go hunt them.

First optionial but it is fast to 40+
1. Activate a double exp pot. Buy 10 exp balls and hotkey them to F2 (or key of your choosing) .
2. Goto Market and give unknown man a db to level you up a little bit before

My main method
1. Get level 15 for your nooby starter gear
2. Hunt in tc untill you can +3 your main gear (ring, wepon, boots, necklace) Armor you can do if you want but I try to use the universal ones. Something that will help me for my next 2 rbs
3. Once you have +3 done Go look for the monster with Red Names.
4. Once you are 100 get your towers to +3 and 2 soc them if possible
5. Level to 130, Reborn in the Market Upgrade Zone (Ghost right near Unknown Man) and Repeat Smile

**Side note. If you like this, and want to help me test the thanks system. Find the thanks button and hit it for me Smile I need to know if it works or not, as it has not been tested.**

In-Game: ^Sponge^[GM]

Server is constantly being worked on. Forums too.
We do have a thanks system, and a reputation system so feel free to use them Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie Starter Guid   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:01 pm

Thanks, hope it will help others alot, but i don't tend to fight the red name ones.

What i do is after lvling up with dball and exp balls
i go to bir island and lvl upwith AoE attacks to about 85, upgrade my equip to my level, and then go to mystic castle.
Then i fight the first bats till they go red name and then the next bats till they go red name then the devils till 120.

Then 120 go to DisCity to 130.

(thanks button is on the top right of each post, there is alittle plus, then an unbderscore and then a minus sign)
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Newbie Starter Guid
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