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 Guide On How To Upgrade

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PostSubject: Guide On How To Upgrade   Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:02 pm

So your having issues upgrading your wepons? Ok this will be a pretty general step by step of how to upgrade your wepons..
1. Goto the Market
2. Your at the market? Look for the ghost npc located here.
3. Now your in the upgrade area. These NPCs are in there. I will explain what each one is for.

NPC names are in Red

Magic Artisan==can upgrade the item Quality and the Level of an item (up to level 120)

Blacksmith Lee==Making socket gear, like one socket armor or a two socket necklace

Weapon Master==Upgrading your wepons for level 120 to 130. So you got a 125 blade you want 130, talk to WeponMaster.

Alex== 2nd Reborn Im not sure if it will still remove gear or not, but I STRONGLY recomend removing your tower/fan and cup before completing 2nd reborn.

Eternity==First Reborn NPC Im not sure if it is still taking Gourds/Cups. I Would recomend removing your cup/gourd or whatever you have there before you complete the first reborn. You may loose it.

Ok part 2..hope i havent lost anyone yet Smile

Ethral== Making -7 Gear So like Super Thunder Hammer -7. Im not sure the cost of the gems, but it requires Super Tortis Gems

Wuxing Oven== Enchanting Gear So adding HP to your gear

ApprentaceLuo==Adding + to gear It may be a bit pricey, but it is to keep the PVP balanced. If everyone runs around +12 you guys will all be bored...

Hopefully you liked the very quick/basic tutorial on our market. I will make more when I can.

The Staff is NOT responsible for any gear that is lost during RB. We know it has issues, it has been posted (i think it has been fixed, but im not sure.) To play it safe, I STRONGLY recomend removing your tower/fan and cup before reborn. If you dont and you loose it we dont have to give you it back.

In-Game: ^Sponge^[GM]

Server is constantly being worked on. Forums too.
We do have a thanks system, and a reputation system so feel free to use them Smile

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Nooby Poster
Nooby Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Guide On How To Upgrade   Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:13 pm

i appear in one of these photos lol Razz
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Guide On How To Upgrade
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